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  • Three Songs


    A contemporary mystical epos that tells the story of the human being facing the ultimate question: ‘Who and what am I’. In a scientific approach the reader is guided by rational arguments to the understanding of his true state with clear instructions how to embark and experience this wonderful journey for oneself in day to day life.

    Author Frédéric Antonious

    Type Paperback
    Pages 242
    Dimensions 20,5 x 13 x 1,3 cm

    Revised edition 2013
    First published 2008

    ISBN 978-90-76288-34-5

  • OH ABBAH – Songs for Lovers


    ‘Oh Abbah’ is a book of inspiration, which was written in a very specific state of mind. For this reason it has the ability to open you for levels of your mystical being that cannot be reached through ordinary effort. These levels can only be gradually opened by way of attuning.

    Author Frédéric Antonious

    Type Hardcover
    Pages 274

    Seventh edition 2013
    First published 1997

    ISBN 978-90-76288-43-7