Dimensions of Experience

The new book by Yoginâm


About the Author


Yoginâm was born in 1946 and finished his studies at Leiden University. He lived and worked as a sociologist in various countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

The writings of Yoginâm (also known as Frédéric Antonious) cannot be categorised within a specific genre, since his articles and books are of a highly mystical quality.

Indeed, Yoginâm is not a typical author; rather he is a master in describing an indefinable subject in an almost tangible language.

Over the course of many years, Yoginâm developed a stand-alone terminology which culminated in the Book of Nâm.

A way of thinking (Nâm Thinking) is linked to a way of living (Nâm Practise) and provides an invitation for living in correspondence with the essence of being, without distraction.

The new terminology of Nâm is free of words and concepts that have taken on a life of their own in different cultures of the past. Its pure message directs back to the very source.

The Nâm message, wrapped in a contemporary language, was already there 5.000 years ago. Being unobstructed and translated in an accessible language, the Way of Nâm is very, very precious.

Orienting the self in Nâm has a liberating effect on the programmes with which one moves through the world. These programmes are created automatically by way of living and the experiences we have.

Nâm is a way both of liberation and of wisdom, and is fully directed at the aim of profound well-being. Aside from his writings, Yoginâm communicates in a particular way with sound resonance for which he uses a small harp.